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Breath Hold Training: The Silent Killer Of Swimmers

Breath Hold Training & Shallow Water Blackout

Stop and think before you do any of this sort of training or games. Breath-hold training can result in Shallow Water Blackout. That is when you faint underwater due to lack of oxygen; hypoxia .

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It is caused by:
  • Hyperventilating
  • Ignoring the urge to breath: for example in breath hold training or games
So Make Sure you only promote correct breathing games and training. And always have someone with you who can give you their exclusive attention. Get properly trained Before you do anything related to extended breath-holding or breath hold training.

Here is a neat little inforgraphic to help you understand what happens.

Breath Holding infographic: Breath Hold Training Dangers
Breath Holding At Its Most Dangerous - click For Larger image

Here you'll find more in-depth information about Shallow Water Blackout

Not only does this article give the technical details about this phenomenon but give some very timely warnings for swimmers playing at underwater breath-holding; coaches and military trainers who teach hypoxic training and breath-holding and Lifeguards under the heading: “THE PROBLEM OF BREATH-HOLDING ACCEPTANCE IN OUR CULTURE”

It also gives a very useful outline as to: “WHO IS AT RISK”.

Basically You Are at risk if you practice any of the above causes.

Be safe and

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