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Teaching Toddler To Swim. Parents Role in Safety

Supervision and Teaching toddler To Swim

When your are teaching a toddler to swim, the importance of supervising swim lessons cannot be overemphasized. In the video below, watch as the teacher works with a very confident and happy child.

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There is no crying here. There is no reluctance. This baby is just having the best time. All whilst completely safe in the water because she is being watched and well supervised.

Remember that it only takes 20 seconds for a child under 5 years old to drown. It also only takes a simple distraction to find that you have looked away long enough for your charge to be in distress or worse.

Don't take the risk. When you are in the water with a toddler make sure that they are your only interest. Don't get distracted by conversations with fellow swimmers or parents.

The time you have in the water with a toddler can be some of the most pleasurable and memorable time ever. For parents, it will build a strong bond that is worth every moment that you have spent. So give your charge your undivided attention. Make it about you and them only and no one else.

Don't make your swim memorable for all the wrong reasons


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