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Baby Swimming In Bathtub: Preparing Baby For Swimming Lessons

The Best Preparation: Baby Swimming In Bathtub

The best possible way to prepare your baby for their first swimming lessons is to take them with you into the bath. Baby swimming in the bath is not the same as the baby having a normal bath.

No, preparation for swimming is best done with you in the bath with your baby.

The videos below show you what I mean.

Being in the bath gives you complete control. You can make sure babies face is out of the water and they get a sense of the floating as they bob up and down in the water; similar to what will happen to them when they are in the pool.

As you will see from the first video, you don't have to fill the bath to any more than babies ear level the first few times you do this. The second video has a bath with more water.

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Having baby swimming in the bath in this position is not the position that you use, to get them used to getting their face wet. You need to sit them up to do that.

Please make sure you adhere to all the warnings in the video. Your baby is not safe if you don't.


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  1. Oh Wow! In this video, you are conveying each step of baby swimming in an accurate way. As per my thoughts, every parent should follow these steps Thanking for sharing such amazing tips for baby swim lessons. I appreciate your efforts!