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Breaststroke: Common Mistakes, 4 Arms Missteps

4 Common Mistakes in Breaststroke

The video below is a collection of 4 very common mistakes in breaststroke made by swimmers. By no means, however, are these mistakes made only by beginners because I've seen plenty of high-level swimmers fall for them. But beginners are particularly prone to them if for no other reason than their lack of experience; not to mention the stress aspect of learning something new.

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When you learn to relax as you are doing your stroke, most of these errors will go away unless you have managed to turn them into a habit; something that is easy to do if you are trying to learn to swim by yourself or if you have a not so good swim instructor.

The common mistakes identified in this video are:
  • Massaging the water: Not grabbing any real estate (translation = not grabbing any water)
  • Butterfly in-sweep
  • Improper elbow action
  • Pulling too far back


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