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Freestyle - Breathing: Timing With Your Shoulder

Late Breathing Fix

Late breathing is the cause of one of the most common freestyle swimming faults that you can have.

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It is not unusual for students to complain:
  • "I just cant make it to the other end"
  • "I am always running out of breath"
  • "I just have to accept that I'm just not going to be a good swimmer"
I tell you the last comment is the most heart braking because the swimmer has come to accept an untruth as fact. But on the other hand, the elation that comes on their face the first time they realize that it was just a fault that no one had picked up, is very satisfying.

There are quite a few techniques that I use to fix this fault.

The video below however, called "Freestyle - Shoulder Breath" shows another good technique that might help those who are breathing late or too early.


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