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How To Protect Your Teeth From Competitive Swimming

Are Your Teeth Safe In The Water?

Before I pass you on to this report let me just say that regular dental checkups can resolve any if not all issues that may be associated with swimming. For that matter, regular dental check-ups should be a part of your lifestyle in any case so most of this information is just that, information.

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I have spent a large portion of my life in the pool and I cannot say that I have had any ill effects on my teeth to speak of. Having said that, I have had regular check up all my life and I would never underestimate the value of a good dentist.

This report on dental health in the pool could be considered resonantly disturbing and if you were inclined that way, it might put you off swimming altogether. Except for the fact that millions of people around the world spend many hours in the pool with no apparent ill effects; at least none they will own up to.

Image of a Tooth brush on a sink: this article is about How To Protect Your Teeth From Competitive Swimming
Look After You Teeth While Swimming
It is also worth noting that these studied were done on competitive swimmer and whilst I am not a medical practitioner in any way and therefore I cannot offer any advice of that nature, I am of the opinion that if you are a recreational swimmer it appears as though you do not have a high risk.

This report on dental health in the pool is only offered by way of information and if you are concerned in any way you should go see your medical practitioner.


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