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Rotation - The Science Of Good Freestyle Swimming

As students become more advanced there will be a need to introduce rotation into their movement.

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It is often an enormous amount of fun to convince students of the need to rotate. That look of: "Say What", on their face is always fun.

It can also be fun to try to explain the benefits of body rotation. But it is important for an efficient stroke and needs to be taught.

Whilst looking for better ways to explain this whole concept, I came across this video. I think it does a good job even if it is a little too technical.

I probably would not show this to my students, just because of the technical stuff but the noodle and the torpedo are a good tool. So once you have the hang of it, just get the students to play with the torpedo and noodle toys and I'm sure you'll have no trouble with a simple explanation that they can understand.



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