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Common Freestyle Mistakes Video

Common Freestyle Mistakes To Fix

I came across this video of Common Freestyle Mistakes that I thought made some good points.

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These are not the faults that I have listed but certainly very common.

Looking Forward

Something done almost universally by beginners

Swimming flat

Rotation is harder done than said and something I only worry about for swimmers that are beyond basics. So I'm not sure I would call it a mistake so much as an advanced skill.

I have no experience of anybody that has experienced any Serious Shoulder Injuries, as a result of swimming flat. Still perhaps for competitive swimmers as I don't deal with them as often as beginners. I have met people who have done this for years without incident but that doesn't mean that rotation isn't important; it certainly will improve your efficiency.

Bent Knees

From the Hips Yes but Not straight legs as video says. But as video shows minimizing bend does eliminate it.

Pulling crooked

Basically this is over reaching and turning your head too far.

Anyway as they say in the video, do ask someone to watch you.


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