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Swim Kicking Correction (Flutter Kick)

Nice Straight Legs

I've said before that, when a swim teacher says they want you to have nice straight legs when you swim, they don't mean stiff legs.

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The reason swim teachers ask their students to keep their legs straight, is because to say, "I would like you to kick you legs so that they are straighter than what they are now but not stiff, rather just slightly bendy", the student says "say what?".

It's the KIS principal or Keep It Simple. The idea is to convey the basics of what you want and then gradually tweak it.

A good kick is one that is generated from the hips and works its way down your leg via a slightly bent knee and relaxed ankle, resulting in a small whipping type action. But nobody can properly comprehend that until they feel it.

There are lots of ways to help a new swimmer feel how to correct their kicking action. This video is one of them.

Ok so this video was designed for more advanced swimmers who are looking to improve their kick. But if you throw away the flippers(fins) and take it slowly so that (like the video says, because even advance swimmer forget) you don't hit the wall with your knees or feet or legs, then this is a great drill to help fix legs that are too bent during the kicking action.


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