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How I Eventually Got Over The Fear Of Swimming

Fear is a hard thing for all of us to overcome. Many adults have a fear of water and never learn to overcome it. As a result, never they learn to swim. This is a terrible tragedy because they are missing out on something that may very well prove to be very significant to them. If they live around water then it may very well save their lives or the lives of someone close to them.

A man with his back to the camera facing the water. How I eventually got over the fear of swimming
The Fear Of Swimming

Here is an article that was written for me by someone who overcame their fear and did learn to swim. I had written it because although I know a great deal about helping people overcome their fear, it is never the same as coming from someone who has gone through it.

I thought it was interesting I hope you do too.


How I Eventually Got Over The Fear Of Swimming

written by: JoshOrtiz

As an athletic child, my mom was always shocked that I was scared to swim. It was the one thing that I was truly scared of because I simply never tried it. Though swimming is certainly not "difficult," it still takes a lot of practice and dedication to perfect the correct swimming strokes. This is why I needed to somehow get over the fear and finally get in the water and swim. Here are a few things that I did to finally get over my fear of swimming.

Talk To Your Friends

The first step to starting to swim is to gain the confidence to actually start. I was able to gain confidence by just talking to my friends that were already very good at swimming. They would tell me about their stories and how they first started out. It is certainly normal for people to be afraid of swimming but you need to overcome this right away. My friends were very supportive and you need to stay from people that will try and scare you away from the pool. As long as your friends are supportive, you will be able to gain some confidence.

Start Slow

The next step is to simply start out slow. Don't be embarrassed about wearing floaties or by just leaving your feet in the water. Though this might seem like something only children do, you need to go through this step to start swimming. The problem that a lot of non-swimmers have is that they expect to learn how to swim right away and they don't want to start out slow. They will eventually get overwhelmed and the progress will end.

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Get Lessons

The last step is to get some professional help. This means that you will just need to find a teacher in the area that has experience with teaching people how to swim. This is where you will get the most confidence because you know that you are doing the right thing. When you are able to get lessons, you are going to be guided and this is very important. In just a few lessons, you will see that you start doing different swimming strokes and you will be addicted.

This is the route that I took and I believe that it is the best way to just learn. Too many people will go straight into lessons but this can be too much for most people. You want to build some confidence on your own and then slowly work your way up to getting a lesson. I will admit that I was one of the worst-case scenarios because I was really scared of water. However, after a while, I realized that it was never as bad as I thought. I eventually learned how to swim and I am now addicted to the swimming pool. If you want to get in the water, you need to slowly take these steps and then you will look back and simply laugh at how scared you were in the past.

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