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Most Common Mistake in Tumble Turns (Flip Turns)

Don't Look Up tumble Turns

Not only is it one of the most common mistakes, it is also one of the most frustrating things that a new swimmer can be confronted with. Frustrating because most new swimmer when they first learn to do tumble(flip) turns don't even realize that they are making this mistake.

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Of course, when I say new swimmer, I do not mean someone who is doing their first week of freestyle. If you don't have the fundamentals of freestyle yet, you are not ready to learn tumble turns. However, if you are at the point of being able to do at least two laps of the pool, then you are well an truly ready to learn tumble turns. Some would even say that you should have already been learning them long before you could even do a lap.

This video is not about learning Flip turns but avoiding a very common mistake when learning. So if you need to learn to tumble turn, watch this video and keep it in mind whilst you learn how to do them from here. If you already know flip turn basics and you are not happy with the way you do them, then this video may be just what you need.


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