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Mastering Freestyle Underwater Flip Turns - Tumble Turns: Step 1

For those of you that are good swimmers or even teachers, you would be well aware that one of the things that is most daunting to learn is the tumble turn or freestyle flip.

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Sometimes it's because as beginners we never quite mastered blowing air out of our nose when we do the somersault in the water.

The result is a very uncomfortable nose full of water.

The most common problem however is that some of us just can't do an underwater somersault.

Well here is a video that I have come across that may help.

If you can master this drill you will be able to do a somersault and thus have the foundations of a freestyle flip or tumble turn (see also Freestyle Flip Turn or Tumble Turns- Step 2).

You will still have to master blowing air out of your nose as you go however, but since this drill uses a noodle the extra support may just help you concentrate on that too.



  1. This is a wonderful series to teach flip turns! Would love to share this with other aquatics professionals. Would also like to chat with you in general. Please contact me at either mauitechgirl@mauitechgirl.com or valleyisleaquatics@valleyisleaquatics.com

  2. This I shall try for the next one week!

  3. Excellent Eric,
    Let me know how you go