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Freestyle Swimming: Reach and Rotation

A better way to reach and rotate

I have discussed Reach and Rotation before. However, once you have learned them separately you need to combine them. This video (below) is a drill that combines them both. You can combine them straight into your stroke but if you need a step between, in order to integrate better this will help. Some may even find this a better drill instead of the other references above.

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The Final Stage Before A Coach

Once you have gained competence in your swimming with a good reach and you have a good rotation in your torso, you are ready to go beyond a swim teacher and move on to a coach. Now you may not want to get yourself a coach you may be quite content with what you know.

I have had many students that come to me so that I can fix their strokes enough just so that they can do laps or swim with the dolphins and they don't want to take their swimming education any further. But you need to know that, in terms of your freestyle your reach and rotation is the very last thing a swim teacher can teach you. After that, you need a coach.

Of course, your swim teacher may also be a coach and you, therefore, don't even need to consider what I have just said. But it needs to be said.

The video is not intended for beginner swimmers but if you are at the stage of learning to rotate and reach then you are no longer a complete beginner. However, you do need a strong kick.


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