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The Next Step For Beginner Swimmers Learning Backstroke

Correct Hand Entry The Next Step For Beginner Swimmers Learning Backstroke

Once you have reached the point where you are swimming backstroke well enough to be swimming the length of the pool and then some, without feeling totally exhausted, you are ready to introduce a little precision in your stroke.

Correct hand placement in and out of the water will not only make your stroke look better but reduce friction and improve efficiency as well.

Hand Entry For Backstroke

The video below shows the classic hand entry for backstroke: little finger in and thumb out. This reduces splash and therefore reduces friction. As a beginner, you have probably, so far been lifting your hand out of the water either palm up or back, first. Many beginners feel that this gives them a little extra push. But it actually produces unwanted turbulence that interferes with your movement. It also helps to push you down in the water a little, making it so that you then have to push more of your body through the water with your next stroke.

Extra Little Push

If you want that extra little push without the unwanted side effects you should do that push whilst your hand is still underwater not whilst you are lifting it out. I am not aware that there is any real evidence that the little push actually helps in any way but it doesn't hurt so if you like it, do it but only ever exit the water with your thumb up.

Watch the video and see how it is done. Practice it and let me know how you go.


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