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Learn How To Swim For Adults - Why I Am Not Getting Better

Why Am I not getting Better?

It's a very common concern among new learn how to swim for adults students. There are so many reasons why but that is not the point.

Image of a man standing looking at the pool: this article is about, Learn How To Swim For Adults - Why I Am Not Getting Better
Why Am I Not Improving

Learn How To Swim For Adults Classes

Some of the reasons why you may not be improving are:

  • You're too hard on your self
  • You have to remember that you have been out of the water for most of, if not all your life. It is going to take time to make the changes necessary.

  • You have a lot of fear to deal with
  • All that time you have spent out of the water has built up a mindset that will take time to overcome. More than that the reason why you have not learned to swim is probably very real, you have to take the time to learn to manage that and be reassured that you are now able to master the problem.

  • You have to take the time to reeducate those muscles.
  • Those muscles have taken a long time to do things one way and now you want them to do it a different way.

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Having said all that, the changes should not take "forever".

Your teacher should be trying different things all the time to get you over the problem. If they are not and if you have been doing the same thing for 10 weeks and it has made no difference; then despite all the difficulties above that you are facing, it's time to get a new teacher.


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