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A Two Minute Version Of Flip Turns

I've tended to stay away from tumble turns, as I feel that I have covered the topic quite well in my series that started with Mastering The Underwater Somersault, Freestyle - Flip Turn or Tumble Turns-#1

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But I came across this little video (below) that I thought was a neat little summary. I fact I think that the practice drill that she gives may be a little better at explaining just how you apply the turn after you have figured out how to do it.

The commentator makes no effort to explain how to start doing tumble turns. You would have to go back to the series if you are a complete beginner. Nor does she explain that the somersault in the water is a little different from that on land, as a correct tumble turn does not use arms to do the turn. It comes from the abdomen. However, if you already know the basics and you are just looking for the finer points in a summary, then this is your video.

There was one added bonus to making this post, It gave me cause to go back and have a look at the old post. I discovered that the videos for the series needed updating. So if you have been looking for a good series on how to do flip turns (tumble turns) then you can now go back to the post I mentioned above and start working your way through.

Here is the two minute version of flip turns.


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