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Why Am I Afraid To Put My Head Under Water?

Why Am I Afraid To Put My Head Under Water?

Simply put there are two reasons why you would be afraid of putting your head underwater:
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of the perceived

Picture of a man looking at the water. Why am I afraid to put my head under water?

Don't get me wrong your fear is very real, either as an adult or a child. But overcoming that fear in a child is relatively easy: all you have to do is make the unknown known.

In an adult however you have to deal with years, maybe many years of either never having the unknown revealed to you and hence the fear has been allowed to build into something substantial or something significant, like falling in the water when you were young, has happened to give your fear a very real trigger.

To an adult, it may seem only logical that you should be able to overcome that fear. After all, it is only water. But that it not the case. You have had possibly many years to turn this fear into what it is today. Accept that it is going to take time to channel that fear into something more positive.

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Give yourself a break. Take small manageable steps when you learn to swim and let the fear take care of itself. With patience and time, you will overcome.


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