Pool Concrete is Not Slippery?

It's a myth that concrete is not slippery

I have a pretty load voice that I am happy to use to good effect when I am both swim teaching and life guarding so although I try never to yell at customers it is inevitable that occasionally some body some where sooner or later, particularly if they don't know me, might just think that I am yelling at them or their child. I accept this as part of my roll and it rarely upsets me.

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But as I have said before there are times when I would like to say to customers "I'm sorry that your pride is more important to you than you or your Child's safety".

Seriously, people think that because the pool deck is concrete that it is ok for children to run on that surface. And if I call out "walking please" those people will turn on you as though you had just molested their child.

What's worse they will also turn on you if the child slips over because the concrete is wet.

Can I make it quite clear concrete is slippery when wet. "Walk don't run".

I am happy to be seen to be yelling at kids, even if I am not, if it stops them from cracking their skull. More that that you should recognize that concrete is slippery when wet and walk! That way I don't have to use my voice.


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