Helicopter Parents and Water - Good

I read an article about the pros and cons of helicopter parenting. You know the ones that are always hovering over their children trying to protect them from every bump and knock.

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Personally I'm on the side of standing a little back and seeing what happens. I am convinced that it helps children make better assessment of risk as they get older.

Having said that I think that there is one place where the best kind of parent is a helicopter. And you'll never guess where that is! Of course it's around water.

Even when I'm swim teaching I love those extra pair of eyes. I am a very vigilant teacher but there is comfort in knowing that I am not the only one watching. Children are quick and unpredictable and I am all for making that unpredictability as observable as possible.

That doesn't mean that I will tolerate interference but if a parent wants to warn me about a potential hazard, problem or risky behaviour that I haven't seen, I very happy.

So if your a helicopter parent then you go for it as far as I'm concerned: well at least around water. And if your swim teacher objects and all your doing is assisting with risk management, get a new one.


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