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Pool Toy: Another One That I Hate?

Baby water Seats Pool Toy

Some parents just love these baby water seats and let's face it, babies look cute in them (Fig.#1).

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To be fair they are relatively stable, they allow babies a great sense of the water in that they can kick and move around in the water. So from a cuteness point of view they excel and from a water discovery point of view they are ok.

The problem is that carers get comfortable with these toys and they don't keep vigil over them. If parents kept an eye on the babies whiles they were in them I can see them as great fun and some do. But if you are going to keep that close an eye on them anyway you are, by far better off playing with your baby.

These things like all water rings, as stable as they are, do flip over. Also kids from time to time try to get out of them. Without active supervision they are dangerous.

Playing with baby is by far and away, better water familiarization than just letting them sit and it is way safer.

Image of a baby Float Chair - Pool Toy
Baby Float Chairs (Fig.#1)
Please if you want your child to be safe and confident in the water, don't use set and forget toys. Play with your children. It's safer, more fun for you and your child and better for them as well.


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