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Safe Water Entry: The Best Way Get Into The Pool

Safe Water Entry, Not So Simple

Sometimes the simplest things are the most difficult to master. Things such as safe water entry into the Pool seems so simple but for someone learning to swim can be a whole new challenge.

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If you are a beginner or you just naturally struggle with getting into the water, here are a number of ways to get yourself in.

1) The Twist in Entry
Sitting on the edge of the pool, twist away from the water, keeping both hands flat on the deck,

Image of little girl sitting on the edge of a pool turning to one side and placing both hands on the same side edge. This is the start of a safe water entry
Both Hands On The Edge

Next lay on your stomach and gently lower yourself in feet first,

Image of a little boy laying on his stomach sliding backwards into the water. Him career is standing behind him ready to catch him as he does a safe water entry
Lay On Your Stomach

Once you get better at this or if you have reasonable strength in your arms and you have managed your fear you won't have to lay on your stomach. Instead, you can just lower yourself down,

Image of a man doing a safe water entry by lifting himself into the water after laying on his front
Slide From Front

2) The slide in entry
(the only problem with this one is that it can scratch your back a little.),

image of a man doing a safe water entry. Sliding into the water whilst facing the water with his arms behind him ready to lower him into the water safely
Sliding Into The Water

Both of these have the advantage of allowing you to let yourself down onto the bottom of the pool slowly until your feet touch the bottom. You're always holding onto the edge to feel safe, so you can always lift yourself up if it gets too deep for you.

Of course, if none of these entries suits you, you can always use the stairs or ladder. Which is my first preference (Smile).


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