Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Safe Water Entry

Sometimes the simplest things are the most difficult to master.

Such a thing can be a safe entry into the water.
Here are a number of ways to get yourself in.

1) The Twist in Entry
Sitting on the edge of the pool, twist away from the water, keeping
both hands flat on the deck

Thus:Next lay on your stomach and gently lower yourself in feet first
Thus:Once you get better at this or if you have reasonable strength in you arms and you have managed your fear you won't have to lay on your stomach. In stead you can just lower yourself down thus:2) The slide in entry ( the only problem with this one is that it can scratch your back a little.)
Thus:Both of these have the advantage of allowing you to let yourself down
onto the bottom of the pool slowly till your feet touch the bottom and
your always holding onto the edge to feel safe, so the you can always
lift yourself up if it gets too deep for you.

Of course if none of these entries suit you, you can always use the
stairs or ladder. Which is my first preference (Smile)


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