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Learn to swim 101: The Challenges To Doing Things Step By Step

The Learn To Swim Challenge

Many of the discussions in this blog have been created in response to requests from some of the learn to swim parents and some of the adult beginners that I teach how to swim, to do a step by step guide on how to swim that they can follow outside of lessons.

Image of three swimmers. One kicking backwards, one floating and one doing breaststroke. Lean To swim.
When You Know How Swimming is Fun

I will do my best but I'm not sure just how step by step I can make it. I used to write such documents when I worked in the Telecommunications industry but learning to swim is different.

To start with you can't just say to someone I want you to do this and then I want you to do this and then this when it comes to swimming. to try to do so would be to deny other factors such as physical status, fear, fitness etc.

These are factors that you don't have to account for when you are telling someone how to test a technical piece of equipment.

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The Best Step By Step Guide

However, with that in mind, I shall endeavour to wright the best step by step guide I can.

The one thing I will say is that I have found that is the most important factor in any student when learning how to swim or improving their swimming, is attitude.

You need to be willing to give things a go.

If you let anything, including fear win you are always going to have difficulty with succeeding.

However, if you do give the suggestions in this blog a fair go you will see the results and be amazed!


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