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Learn To Swim: Getting Comfortable in the Water

Getting Comfortable in the Water When You Learn To Swim

For those who are not used to it, the most disconcerting thing about being in it is that your body feels and reacts completely different in the water.

image of a woman floating in the water. You need to get comfortable when you learn to swim
Feel For The Water

For example, your body weight becomes extremely light, almost as if you were in space and you move differently. In fact, some things in the water are almost opposite from on land.

There seems to be nothing to push against when you want to stand up and the faster you try to go the more you are slowed by the water. I often tell my students that the:

"Water doesn't like fast, it only likes efficient".

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You need to get used to how your body feels and moves in the water and that is going to take some time. When you finally get into the swimming pool take the time to move around in the water. Do this a lot. Try changing directions. Try sitting down in the shallow end. Try and walk up and down. Continue to do this until some of the fear goes away.

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