How To Swim: Freestyle Breathing Every 4th Stroke

It is not unusual for Swimming instructors when teaching their Swimming students to breath for the first time, to get them to breath on every fourth stroke.

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This seems to have a number of advantages:
1) It allows time for the student to breath out all the air in there lungs

2) It gives the student time to think about what it is they are doing

3) It minimizes the disturbance effect that the movement of the head has on the stroke.

This all seems great till your student constantly raises the head out of sequence and changes the stroke altogether - usually to a doggie paddle- in order to get enough breath to go on with the next stroke.

Wake up!!!!!!!!

If a child is running out of breath on every fourth stroke none of the above advantages can be realized.

Don't be lazy! Let your swimming student (cause its not just juniors that will do this) breath every second stroke if they have to.

It's a bit more work on your part and the student may take a little longer than the swimming student who has big enough lungs. But trust me if they cannot get enough air in, because of panic or just small lungs, they are only going to continue to have problems and will take forever to get it right anyway.

Your not doing your Swimming students or yourself any favors. Work with your swimming students.


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