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Swimming Outdoors: What to Keep in Mind

What to Keep in Mind When Swimming Outdoors

Swimming outside is a fun thing to do, especially on hot summer days. However, although it may look appealing, there are some potential health hazards you should be on the lookout for. Here is what to keep in mind while swimming outdoors for a blissful swimming experience:

Picture of lots of people on the beach enjoying Swimming Outdoors.
Swimming Outdoors

Sun Exposure

Feeling the sun's rays may be very pleasant, but the experience may soon change if the sun gets hotter. It would help to apply sunscreen generously to avoid getting sunburns and tan lines.

Pool Temperature

Unlike indoor swimming pools with controlled temperatures, outdoor pools can change from hot to cold depending on the weather. Please avoid swimming in the late evening when the pool temperature drops.

Swim Sober

Swimming while drunk might impair your vision and judgment. It can cause potential health hazards like drowning and hitting your body against obstacles like rocks.

Be Cautious of Jumping

However, it may be hard to tell the water depth in rivers, lakes, and streams. Some dangers of diving into outdoor water include drowning and hitting the bottom if the water is shallow.

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What to Bring With You When You Are Going to Swim Outdoors

Whether swimming in the sea, river, or lake, there are a few must-have items for a safe and fun swimming experience. Here is a packing list of essential items to take with you for outdoor swimming:


The summer heat can be unbearable and quite harsh to your skin. It would be best to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 50. Also, remember to carry it with you to reapply before re-entering the water.


The swimwear to carry depends on where you are going to swim. For instance, you can carry a swimming costume or bikini to swim in a river or the sea. However, for places with cold water, a wetsuit is a more ideal option.

Sunglasses and Sun Hats

Sunglasses help protect your eyes from obstacles while swimming. Similarly, a sun hat helps protect your face from unbearable heat when swimming.

Fishing Net for Critters

A fishing net for critters, also known as a critter net, is essential to bring along while swimming outdoors. Firstly, it can help you explore and interact with nature. Catching and exploring aquatic life enhances your outdoor swimming experience. Also, a critter net traps animals like frogs and grasshoppers while swimming to ease your swimming experience.

The Dangers of Swimming Outdoors

The hazards of swimming in open water can't be ignored. Over the years, many children and teens drown or become severely injured when swimming outdoors. It would be aware and educate your kids on outdoor swimming hazards, which include the following:

Limited Visibility

Unlike swimming pool water, which is clear, water in lakes and rivers can be murky and hard to navigate. It would help to examine the water for potential hazards before swimming.

Depth, Distance, and Drop-offs

It can be hard to perceive the water depth in rivers and streams. Also, consider the distance from the shore and drop-offs to prevent fatal accidents.

Currents and Tides

Fast-flowing currents are a threat not only to beginners but also to experienced swimmers. Some underwater currents aren't visible and can quickly sweep you away. For this reason, it would help to have a swimming coach swim with your kids to prevent accidents.

Weather and Seasonal Differences

Weather changes such as heavy rain can make swimming in rivers and streams dangerous. Also, weather changes like thunderstorms might pose a danger when swimming outdoors. You should stay alert for weather changes and leave when the weather becomes unbearable.


Outdoor swimming is an undeniably fun experience, especially during summer. However, some hidden potential hazards include sun exposure, murky water, deep water, and fast-flowing currents. Some precautions to take when swimming outdoors include wearing sunscreen, carrying swimming hats and glasses, and examining the water before swimming. All in all, outdoor swimming can be an exciting experience if you follow the proper precautions.

Written by Taylor McKnight, Author for Delta Net and Twine


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