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How to Stop Slipping in Freestyle!

Mastering Freestyle: Overcoming Arm Slippage for Effortless Swimming

For many swimmers, the sensation of their arms slipping through the water during freestyle can be frustrating and counterproductive. In this article, we'll explore why this happens and, more importantly, how to overcome it. Coach Mandy from the Slim Bites Channel provides valuable insights into the common issue of quick arm slippage and offers practical tips for achieving a more efficient and controlled freestyle stroke.

Picture of a woman doing freestyle in the pool. How to Stop Slipping in Freestyle!
Freestyle: Moving Freely

The Problem

The video emphasizes the challenge swimmers face when their arms move too quickly through the water, creating a feeling of minimal forward progress. Coach Mandy highlights a common mistake: pulling excessively from the shoulder, causing the arm to slip beneath the body. This disrupts the stroke rhythm, hinders breathing, and may lead to lifting the head, ultimately compromising the swimmer's overall performance.

The Solution

Coach Mandy demonstrates a crucial adjustment to avoid slipping through the water too quickly. Instead of relying solely on the pulling arm, she advocates for a more balanced and relaxed approach. By allowing the high-side arm to fall naturally into the water, swimmers can use gravity to their advantage and establish a more stable connection with the water.

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Technique Tips

  1. Avoid Excessive Shoulder Pressure
  2. The key is to refrain from putting too much pressure on the pulling arm. This disrupts the stroke rhythm and makes breathing more challenging.

  3. Slow Down the Overall Tempo
  4. Instead of rushing through the stroke, Coach Mandy suggests slowing down the overall tempo. This helps maintain control and prevents the arm from slipping too quickly through the water.

  5. Focus on Both Arms
  6. Aim to get both arms out in front as often as possible. This balanced approach ensures a smoother and more controlled freestyle stroke.

  7. Let Gravity Work for You
  8. Allow the high side arm to fall naturally into the water, leveraging the force of gravity. This approach reduces the need to overexert the pulling arm and facilitates a more relaxed and fluid swim.

Overcoming the challenge of slipping through the water during freestyle requires a mindful adjustment to your swimming technique. By avoiding excessive shoulder pressure, slowing down the overall tempo, and focusing on a balanced stroke, swimmers can enjoy a more fluid and efficient freestyle. Coach Mandy's tips provide a valuable roadmap for improving swim technique, enabling swimmers to cover more distance with less effort and enhance their overall swimming experience.


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