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Resort Swimming Pool : 6 Tips to Keeping Your Kids Safe

Keeping Your Kids Safe While Swimming in a Resort Pool

Are you planning a family vacation to a resort with all the amenities? Of course, what resort would be complete without a beautiful resort swimming pool for the entire family? Before you don the suits and head for the water, you should ensure the pool is welcoming and safe.

Picture of a swimming pool. 6 Tips to Keeping Your Kids Safe While Swimming in a Resort Pool
Swimming Pool Safety

The Importance of Safety in Swimming

Unfortunately, we often see the fun of a swimming pool but ignore the safety concerns that are part of the experience. Here are some reasons that swimming safety is important for everyone.

  1. Prevention of injuries:

  2. The area around the pool, as well as the pool floor, are slippery areas, and slipping and falling cause injuries and could lead to drowning if an inexperienced swimmer falls into the pool. Diving accidents can cause head, neck, or spinal cord injuries.

  3. Prevention of entrapment:

  4. Pool drains provide strong suction. When a swimmer gets too close, clothing or body parts can become trapped within those drains. The entrapment can lead to severe injuries or death if the person isn't rescued quickly.

  5. Prevention of drowning:

  6. No one wants to think about drowning accidents, but unfortunately, drowning is a leading cause of death in small children. Exercising appropriate pool safety and teaching pool safety to your children can help prevent accidental drowning.

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6 Tips to Keeping Your Kids Safe While Swimming in a Resort Pool

Since drowning and accidents can happen in any water depth, following some safety tips is important to keep your children safe around the resort swimming pool.

  1. Rest Before and After Swimming :
  2. Often, your room will not be directly poolside. Sometimes, that equates to a long walk to the pool. Resorts provide outdoor furnishings around their pool area. It's good practice to rest on these furnishings before entering the pool and again after getting out of the pool so that no one in your group is too tired to swim.

  3. Take Advantage of Elevated Surfaces Inside the Pool:
  4. Resort pools often have chairs or floats that are allowed within their pools. If your child or you begin to feel fatigued, use the elevated surfaces to rest for a time. There should also be poolside furniture if nothing else.

  5. Never Leave Your Children Unsupervised:
  6. No matter their age, children should be supervised at all times while inside a pool. Parents should be in the water within arm's reach of young children.

  7. Invest in Swimming Lessons:
  8. Often, accidents in the water result from someone overestimating how well they can manage while in the water. Take the guesswork out of the equation by investing in lessons for your children with a certified swim instructor. Sometimes resorts will even offer swimming lessons as part of their services.

  9. Teach Your Children Not to Hold Their Breath for Extended Periods:
  10. Holding your breath for too long underwater can lead to trouble for even the most experienced swimmers. Issues can range from hyperventilation and issues taking normal breaths to drowning.

  11. Leave the Alcohol at Home:
  12. Alcohol consumption can lead you to make risky choices. It can also lead to impaired judgment, coordination, and movement. You can't rescue your child if you can't move yourself.

Other Tips to Know When Swimming at a Resort

While the above tips are important for safe swimming with your children, they are not a comprehensive list. Here are a few other tips to consider as well:

  1. Investigate the area for any hazards before swimming.
  2. Ensure you know the water levels for the entire pool.
  3. Know the signs of drowning, and keep a vigilant watch for them.
  4. Be aware of the signs of sunburn, and watch for them.

Following basic safety measures can help you keep your children safe at the resort swimming pool and anywhere you choose to swim with them.

Written by Taylor McKnight, Author for National Outdoor Furniture

Enjoy A safe and Blessed Holiday    

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