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Feel like you're sinking in freestyle? Here's why!

The Key to Preventing Sinking in Freestyle Swimming: Head Position and Arm Flow

Picture of a young woman swimming freestyle in the pool. Feel like you're sinking in freestyle? Here's why!
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Are you an aspiring swimmer looking to perfect your freestyle technique? In this quick tip video, Coach Mandy of Swim Vice Channel reveals a critical aspect that can cause you to sink while swimming freestyle. To ensure you stay afloat and move efficiently through the water, it's essential to maintain the right head position and keep your arm movements fluid.

Importance of Head Position:

In freestyle swimming, your head position plays a crucial role in maintaining buoyancy and stability. Coach Mandy highlights a common mistake that can lead to sinking: the inconsistent positioning of the head during the stroke cycle. As she demonstrates, allowing the top of your head to dip below the water's surface disrupts your body's alignment and can lead to sinking.

The Role of the High Side Arm:

The key to preventing sinking lies in the movement of your high-side arm. When this arm pauses or slows down at any point in its path, it can have a detrimental effect on your swimming. Coach Mandy emphasizes that the high-side arm should move forward without interruption. By doing so, you ensure that your head position remains consistent, allowing you to glide smoothly through the water.

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Underwater Position Matters:

Even when your arm is underwater, the need for continuous motion remains paramount. Pausing during the entry or underwater phase can cause your head and body to sink. This is because the arm out of the water is heavy and not buoyant, so any pause sends unnecessary energy in the wrong direction. By keeping everything flowing forward, you'll maintain your body's alignment and prevent sinking.

Achieving a Bow Wave:

A consistent head position and uninterrupted arm flow create a bow wave in the water, enhancing your swimming experience. When your head stays level and your arm moves seamlessly, you'll move forward with ease and find breathing during your strokes less challenging.

To improve your freestyle swimming technique and prevent sinking, focus on maintaining a steady head position and keeping your high-side arm moving forward without interruptions. By doing so, you'll create a bow wave that facilitates smoother swimming and easier breathing. If you're serious about enhancing your skills, consider joining Coach Mandy's Swim Vice program for live interaction and expert guidance on your swim journey. Enjoy your practice and watch your freestyle swimming improve with these essential tips.


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