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Down Syndrome Swim lesson: Adaptive Aquatic Special Needs

Adaptive Aquatic Special Needs for Down Syndrome Swim lesson

Meet Jane, a seven-year-old girl with Down syndrome, who learned to swim with the help of a swim whisperer. The instructor, Cindy, helped her stay motivated and overcome challenges. The swim program, Angel Fish, focuses on teaching children with special needs how to swim, and the instructors are trained in 11 areas of focus and 14 common roadblocks.

Picture of Jane in the pool. Down Syndrome Swim lesson: Adaptive Aquatic Special Needs
Meet Jane

One of the key factors in Jane's success was Cindy's ability to keep her motivated. Jane is described as a bit of a prankster, and Cindy was able to keep her focused on learning to swim. Thanks to her hard work and determination, Jane is now going to be on her local swim team.

The Swim Whisper instructors are trained to teach children with a range of needs, including those with low muscle tone, Down syndrome, and autism. They are provided with strategies and techniques to help children at all levels of swimming ability.

Swim Angelfish offers an adaptive swim toolbox that can help teachers learn to teach swimming more effectively. This toolbox includes resources and strategies for working with children with special needs, and can help teachers feel more comfortable and confident in their teaching.

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Overall, the video highlights the importance of providing swimming lessons to children with special needs. With the right support and training, these children can learn to swim and gain confidence in the water. Swim Angelfish and the Swim Whisper program are valuable resources for parents and teachers who want to help children with special needs learn to swim.

For more information go to https://www.swimangelfish.com.


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