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How to Rotate in Freestyle Swimming

How to Rotate in Freestyle Swimming

Here is a quick tip video on how to rotate properly when swimming freestyle is an informative and helpful resource for swimmers looking to improve their technique. The video begins by demonstrating what happens when a swimmer is flat and their arms take over, rotating their upper body and shoulders instead of their hips. This can lead to tiredness and a disconnection from the core and hips, which are the primary movers for easy rotation when swimming freestyle.

Picture of a woman swimming freestyle in the pool. How to rotate in freestyle swimming
Freestyle Swimming Rotation

The video then goes on to explain how to rotate properly by focusing on rotating and moving from the hips and allowing the shoulders to relax and be a passive mover. This technique maintains balance and allows for proper connection throughout the entire stroke. By using hip rotation as the primary mover, the swimmer can create a movement where their arms are relaxed and released, making it easier to maintain balance and move across the pool.

Additionally, the video demonstrates a 2b kick and how to execute it properly through a step-by-step program available on community.swimadvice.com. This program offers a detailed guide to executing the kick properly, providing swimmers with a helpful resource for improving their freestyle swimming technique.

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Overall, the Swim Vice channel's video is an excellent resource for swimmers looking to improve their freestyle technique. By focusing on proper rotation and hip movement, swimmers can maintain balance and improve their stroke efficiency, leading to better performance in the water.


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