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Trauma Informed Practice in Aquatics: is it Important?

Trauma-Informed Practice in Aquatics

Trauma informed practice in aquatics describes the way that trauma is caused and how it impacts people's well-being in both the short and long term.

Picture of a boy in the pool looking pensive. This article is about Trauma Informed Practice in Aquatics
Trauma Informed Practice in Aquatics

This approach takes into account many different possibilities when it comes to people experiencing situations that are traumatic to them. A swim school will be trauma informed as long as the staff and teachers are informed about trauma related issues. When someone learns about this trauma they can see the person's behaviour in a new way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trauma informed practice comes from knowing how trauma is caused and its impact on people.
  • Trauma informed practice is a way to conduct certain activities that risk causing trauma or re-traumatisation.
  • A swim school will be trauma informed if the staff members are informed about trauma related issues.

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"Here we share a little about the concept of trauma-informed practice and its application in aquatics including in swim schools, swimming lessons and squads."

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