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Freestyle: How to Breathe Smoother

Freestyle: How to Breathe Smoother

This video concentrates on only one aspect of breathing whilst swimming. That aspect is rotation. Lack of rotation is not the most common reason why swimmers have trouble with their breathing but it is one of them and this video (despite the ad in the middle) demonstrated the rotation quite well.

Picture of a young woman doing Rotation & Breathing
Rotation & Breathing

There are a lot of videos around about how to breathe better. Some of them are just plain wrong, which is surprising because they are often made by coaches This one is quite good.

In my experience, the biggest problem that beginner swimmers have with their breathing is that they don't exhale all (or as much as they can) breathe underwater before they turn their heads. The result is they have to breathe out and in in a very short period of time and they don't get a full lung of air. Thus they run out of breath very quickly.

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This lesson deals with another reason why swimmers don't get enough air. People not being willing to turn their heads enough without hearting their necks. That can sometimes result in swimmers not getting enough air because they become reluctant to turn their heads enough or at least long enough, to be able to breathe in enough air in enough time.

Improving your rotation fixes the neck issue and this video has some very good visuals on fixing rotation.


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