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Therapeutic Benefits of Swimming

Therapeutic Benefits of Swimming

There are many benefits of swimming that can come in a therapeutic type of way. For example, many children that have been diagnosed with ADHD are perfect candidates for swimming lessons because swimming can help them exert all of the extra energy they have stored up.

picture of a child in a underwater facemask, upsidedown in the pool giving a thumbs up. There are Therapeutic Benefits of Swimming
Therapeutic Benefits of Swimming

Children with ADHD typically require extra physical movement throughout the day and swimming can help assist in that. Swimming also will provide both sensory and motor input into the body, especially in the joints and the muscles. It will also help your child focus and regulate their attention.

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Key Takeaways:

  • A child that has ADHD requires much more physical movement throughout the day and will even go through wiggling and fidgeting spells.
  • Swimming can help provide both motor input and sensory input into the body, especially to the joints and muscles.
  • Swimming will help use all the extra energy that you have and its also a great form of exercise in general.

"In addition to the physical benefits of swimming, it taps into every single sensory system in the body."

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