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Swimming During Pregnancy

As a physical fitness activity suitable for expecting mothers, swimming is as close to ideal as it gets. Even relieving common pains and strains.

Swimming is quite safe, the impacts on your body are minimal and you can swim throughout all trimesters without much difficulty or changes. Water typically feels refreshing and 20 or more minutes can make you feel quite relaxed throughout the day as well as possibly relieve some pains and strains that are common in pregnancy. Although do not neglect the importance of hydration when moving in the water.

Picture of happy, pregnant a woman standing in the bay. Swimming during pregnancy is ok.
Swimming and Pregnancy 

Key Takeaways:

  • When you swim during pregnancy it helps work out your large muscle groups while still being low impact.
  • Swimming while pregnant will help fight off the back strain that comes from having a larger belly than usual.
  • Swimming can help prevent swelling in your arms and legs which are common in pregnant women.

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"If you didn't exercise before pregnancy, get your healthcare provider's okay before entering the pool."

Read more: https://www.babycenter.com/pregnancy/diet-and-fitness/swimming-while-pregnant_7822


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