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The Sooner You Swim...The Smarter You Will Be

The Sooner You Swim...The Smarter You Will Be

Swimming is one of those rare activities that provide many benefits throughout our life. We can start swimming quite early and we can keep going well into advanced age. Even more fascinating is the fact that swimming was a preferred activity through centuries of human existence. It turns out that there is also a correlation between one's intelligence and cognitive abilities on one hand, and the age at which a person started to swim on the other. Additionally, the early starts also have an increased capacity for remembering things and information.

A picture of a child under water collection pool toys. The Sooner You Swim...The Smarter You Will Be.
Swimming And Intelligence 

Key Takeaways:

  • The way that a baby's brain develops with swimming includes bilateral cross patterning movements.
  • Many people have used swimming to help those who are struggling with dementia and a loss of brain processes.
  • The more bilateral cross pattern movements happen, the more nerve fibers develop in the brain.

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"Research shows that swimming can actually improve your child's brain development"

Read more: https://www.aquachamps.com/2020/01/26/the-sooner-you-swim-the-smarter-you-will-be/


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