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Swim Faster Tip on Swimming Above The Water

Swim faster 3 NEW tips. Part 1 - Swim above the water?

This video is part of a set of three tips to swim faster. However, although the other 2 videos, tips 2 and 3, are worth watching they are not that useful to new swimmers. It deals with the questions of whether to swim above the water. 

However this first one I the series touches on a mode of thinking that I find all too common with new swimmers: the belief that you should try and swim above the surface of the water.

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Aside from the 3 reasons given for this belief in the video the most common argument I always seemed to get was, “you see hydrofoils / Skiers/speed boats do it, it only makes sense that we should try and do it”.

Now hydrofoils are old technology and I haven't seen that many of them lately so maybe I am showing my age but with the other example I'm sure you get the point.

The problem is that if you try to swim that way, as the video points out, you will get exhausted very quickly. I'm not going to try to convince you of that, I think that the narrator will do just fine at that.

If you are a swim teacher and you have not come across this argument yet from a student, particularly adult students, I'm sure you will eventually. If you are a new swimmer and you are convinced that you will swim better if only you could raise yourself higher in the water, then you need to watch this.

Not only does the narrator define the problem and the reasons for thinking that way but he also explains some very good ways of improving your stroke without being above the water.


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