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Open Water Swimming And What Equipment To Use

Open Water Swimming And What Equipment To Use

Open water swimming is something that is getting a lot of attention lately and is a great way of getting the exercise you need. Many people love open water swimming because you have all the space in the world to focus on enjoying your swim.

Image of a man swimming freestyle in open water
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Safety First..

When you are in the ocean, there are a lot of things to take in mind. Firstly it is essential to wear a wetsuit, so you can keep warm in the cold water. It will also help you slide easier through the water and give you buoyancy, which helps you float. Secondly, when you are in the open water your visibility is very low. I would therefore recommend using a SwimBuoy bag so your visibility is maximum. Then you can focus on your swimming without having to worry about being hit by a boat or another open water swimmer. When using a Swim Buoy you can even take a break while being in the water. The bags are often floating, so you can hold on to the bag and take a much-needed break.

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Which Technique to Use

The most common technique used in open water swimming is the front crawl. It is the most energy-efficient. But if you're uncomfortable with this technique, then you can also use the technique you prefer. For some, it can even be a bit frightening to be swimming in open water and being so far away from the shore. But a little trick to help you is to set small goals. Let's take an example. The first time set a goal of swimming 40 strokes out into the water and see how you feel about being here before turning around and going back.

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Oliver Saalbach Ottesen 

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