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Keeping Clients Swimming Through Winter

Keeping Clients Swimming Through Winter

Keeping your clients swimming through the winter can be somewhat difficult as most people enjoy swimming when the weather is nice. However, you can change their minds by running a promotion that helps them save money on their swimming lessons.

Image of a commertial indoor swimming pool. Keeping Clients Swimming Through Winter
Indoor Swimming  Classes in Winter

If a client is getting a 50% discount for winter lessons, they are much more likely to sign up compared to paying full price. It's important that swimming is kept fun and enjoyable for both children and parents so that they will want to come back for more.

Key Takeaways:

  • One of the hurdles than many swim school operators face each year is the "drop-off through winter".
  • Summer is your optimum growth period and therefore your biggest opportunity to increase revenue. This is when you need to be ahead of the swim school down the road.
  • An easy way to keep your staff happy and loyal is by keeping their hours up in the cooler months so they don't have to take a massive cut in hours through winter.

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"It can further progress to have a knock-on effect when the parent who hasn't been swimming through Winter arrives back at the centre sees that her friend's child has moved up two levels since the end of summer. That parent may change their mind about Winter swimming for the next season. Or pick up a 2nd lesson in the Summer months as it worked so well for their peers."

Read more: https://worldwideswimschool.com/swim-schools/keeping-clients-swimming-through-winter/

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