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Steps To Learn Breath Control For Treading Water

Steps To Learn Breath Control For Treading Water

This video is dedicated to learning and understanding proper breath control for treading water. It is dedicated to those who understand the concept of treading water but have had trouble mastering it.

There are a few exercises that you can do at your pool. These will help you learn the effects of breathing and how that plays a vital role in treading water.

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One of the main causes of not being able to tread water is fear. People have a subconscious fear that they are going to sink. This leads to tension and a lack of breath control which in turn leads to exhaling too much making you sink even more.

Key points:
  1. skulling in place

  2. Emptying your air

  3. Floating in place

It may take a bit of time but as you practice this more often you will eventually float because you will allow the water to support you 100 per cent.

Treading water has everything to do with buoyancy. You need to understand the level of air that is needed to help you to sit up higher on the surface of the water and maintain that position.


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