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How to Swim Butterfly Stroke - Easy Swimming Technique For Beginners

How to Swim Butterfly Stroke - Easy Swimming Technique For Beginners

I like the 3 step approach of this "how to swim butterfly stroke - easy swimming technique for beginners" video. It keeps everything simple and easy to remember.

It is however not strictly true in that the presenter actually demonstrates more than 3 steps. But if you were to do these three steps only you would learn basic Butterfly and you can add the other bits later.

These are the three steps he gives and I've added my comments about the bits he doesn't talk about but does demonstrate:
  1. Just dolphin kicking only

    He doesn't mention breathing out underwater between breaths. He does mention that you should take quick breaths. It is easier to take quick breaths if your lungs are already empty when you come up to breathe. So breathe everything out underwater before you lift your head to take a breath.

  2. Dolphin kick and sculling: 11's

    Something else he does not mention is the sculling action that he does whenever he takes a breath. If you are struggling with breathing at this stage, note the skull he does just before he takes his breath and add it to your practice. Sculling is excellent preparation for the keyhole arm action.

  3. Butterfly arms, dolphin kick

    He doesn't mention the keyhole movement of the arm, I think because he doesn't want to mess up his 3 steps. But he does do it and there is no problem with adding it later anyway as you get better at the stroke. If you like you can add it as step 4.

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The Keyhole Movement

Why add it at all if you can do butterfly without it? Because without the keyhole movement of your arm your arms are always passing through the wash of your initial stroke. You are not stoking in what they call new water. Stroking in new water gives your hand the ability to "grab" more water to pull as you do the stroke. 

There are a lot of long demonstrations with no speaking in this video. Probably unnecessary but it does make the point that when learning butterfly you need a lot of practice and patience.


P.S. This is not the original video as the original has been taken down. Of note is that the demonstrator does not have the best dolphin kick but then neither do I. However, it is not a bad substitute for the original as it does keep it simple and covers the basics.

P.S.P.S Whilst searching for a suitable replacement for the above video I came across the below. As a Swim teacher, I am always on the lookout for better and more fun ways to teach any swim stroke, particularly Butterfly. This video meets this criterion very well. I hope you enjoy this method of teaching children to do butterflies.

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