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Beginner Swim Tips For Adults

Beginner Swim Tips For Adults

Do you really know what the lines are for at the bottom of the pool? Do You know what the flags that are not quite at the end of the pool are for? What about what the "T" is at the end of the lane? This video will answer these questions and more.

It would not surprise me if there was stuff in here that even some competent swimmers were unaware of.

If your a beginner swimmer there is a huge temptation to go to the local pool and pretend that you know what all the flags and lines and signs in the pool mean. After all, you don't want to be embarrassed. But may I be emphatic and say that your embarrassment could save you life not to mention avoid hurting yourself and others.

This video covers lots of stuff that to a long time swimmer may seem obvious but if you're a beginner they could be a complete mystery.

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Don't be tempted to turn off the video if you are finding that most of it you already know. Watch it to the end because you may be surprised at what you didn't know.


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