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Learn To Dive Learn In The Pool Then Learn Start Dives

Learn To Dive Learn In The Pool Then Learn Start Dives

I was watching a young girl learn to dive without instruction the other day and I felt so sorry for her that I went over and gave her some hints. She could not believe the simple hints I gave her made such a difference.

What were these hints that were so simple?
  1. Keep your head firmly between your arms with your ears under or at least firmly between you arms

  2. Keep looing down.
  3. The worst thing you can do is look up to see where you are going at the last minuet. It is also the hardest part because it is instintive to look where we are going. But if you want to get this right you have to keep your arms and head in exactly the above position until you are well under the water. So don't look up.

  4. Aim for your fingers to enter as close to the "T" on the bottom of the pool, the end of the big black line if there is no "T" or about 90cm (3Ft) away from the edge if there is no end of the line. (mind you, for safty sake, you may want to consider another pool if the "T" is not there).

  5. By aiming close to the edge of the pool that potentually painful bally flop.

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There are a few other useful suggestions in both the videos below. Especially if you want to use your diving to learn Start dives for the start of your swim or if you are a bit nervous and want some more intermediate steps. But the above are the basics.


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