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Water Safety is Required Even in Swimming Lessons

Water Safety is Required Even in Swimming Lessons

Water safety vigilance is still priority 1 in swimming lessons. Water safety vigilance may seem obvious to some but unfortunately, not to everyone.

picture of a swimming istructor assisting a child on the edge of a pool. Water safety is required even in swimming lessons

When teaching children how to swim, incorporating lessons on water safety is essential. Children are at risk in virtually every body of water, from swimming pools to dams to beaches. It's important to educate the parents as well as the children, teaching them both the best practices of water safety and how to handle an aquatic emergency. Reading signage and swimming with a buddy is just a couple of the things children should learn. Parents should consider enrolling children in a swim school to ensure a comprehensive water safety education.

Key Takeaways:

  • Swimming can be very beneficial to children, but precautions should be taken to ensure their safety in water hazards.
  • Floating is a great basic introduction to the water, to help the child become more comfortable and safe while swimming.
  • Guardians should be educated on the risks, and mindful about keeping their children safe while learning to swim.

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"There are many potential water hazards for children and these dangers may change as children grow and are exposed to a variety of different environments."



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