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How to Teach Someone to Swim

How to Teach Someone to Swim

Teaching others to swim can be very rewarding. A good swimming teacher should be knowledgeable about How to Teach Someone to Swim, the risks, be confident and calm. Do not rush the student into the water. Allow them to learn at their own pace, slowly acclimating to the pool. Only begin additional steps once they are comfortable with the water.

All students are different, and there is not an approach or technique that is universally required to swim successfully. Increase the student's confidence, but don't encourage recklessness.

Image of a happy young child wearing goggles whilst in the pool. How to Teach Someone to Swim.
Happy Swimmer

Key Takeaways:

  • A swimming teacher should be comfortable, confident, and be knowledgeable and aware of the risks of water.
  • Slowly acclimate the student to the water, taking it at their own speed. Build up their confidence about being around water.
  • The student can be distracted from their fears by a playful approach to swimming, but should not be encouraged to be reckless.

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"If you have anxiety about swimming, you are also likely to pass on your fears to your student no matter how well-meaning you are."



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