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Tips For Swimming Teachers From Another Swim Teacher

Tips For Swimming Teachers From Another Swim Teacher

Tips for swimming teachers from another swim teacher. Swimming instructors need to deal with people of all demographics. While the most common students are children, sometimes, there are older students that never learned how to swim or people with a disability that need a modified lesson plan

picture of a happy girl on the edge of tha pool holding a kickboard.
Happy Swimmer

Overall though, swimming teachers should be clear and concise with their instructions, as well as performing a visual demonstration for all the movements. They need to have patience, and always encourage their students. Each lesson should be engaging, and fun, so that the students keep coming back.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Teaching swimming lessons may seem intuitive, but their are different strategies involved for different demographics of students.
  • It's imperative that swimming instructors give both clear instructions and visual demonstrations, as students learn differently.
  • In every swimming lesson, there should be some aspect of fun, or play, to keep people engaged.

"Teaching adults presents a different challenge to children, says Mary, and for many it is a case of overcoming a fear of water."

Read more: https://www.swimming.org/careers/marys-tips-for-swimming-teachers/


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