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Best-age Guide To Children's Swimming Lessons

Here is a best-age guide to children's swimming lessons. Many parents question the appropriate age to begin their children in swimming lessons. Typically, most parents choose to start around six months, but it's important that they nurture a love of water before the child gets in a pool.

Picture of someone pusing a happy baby throught water. Best-age guide to children's swimming lessons
Happy Baby Swimming

During bath times, parents should use positive verbal cues while pouring water over their children's faces, thus conditioning out the fear of water. Starting at a younger age helps children learn aquatic independence and water safety issues.

Key Takeaways:

  • Several parents wonder when their child should start swimming lessons, and while it differs, six months of age is common.
  • During a child's early life, parents should condition their child to enjoy the water by using positive verbal cues during bath time.
  • Starting swimming lessons for children at an early age has several benefits, including learning aquatic independence and water safety skills.

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"However, starting this young is not for everybody or may not be practical, so I will also detail some of the pro's and con's of starting later as well."

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