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Swim For Exercise 5 Effects Of Light Swimming On An Aching Body

To swim for exercise is, undoubtedly, the best exercise for people of all ages. It brings along a lot of benefits for physical and mental health. It is an excellent whole-body workout and improves the cardiovascular system. If you swim just for an hour you can burn as many calories as running.

Swimming is the fourth most popular activity in the United States, but have you ever wondered why? Compared with other rigorous exercises, swimming is safer because you can get all the health benefits without any damaging impact on joints; it even helps during recovery from injury.

Swimming is good for aching body

People who are feeling aches (temporary or chronic) avoid swimming lest it will make the aches worse. Well, contrary to this common belief, light swimming can actually have a healing and soothing impact on an aching body. It is also best for people who are suffering from arthritis, as it can take the weight off from your joints and allow them to relax. Swimming is also a good choice if you are experiencing back pain. Researchers indicate that people with an aching body must swim regularly to decrease arterial stiffness.

Picture of a happy woman in the water at the beach: this article is about Swim For Exercise 5 Effects Of Light Swimming On An Aching Body
Light Swimming and Aching Body

Effects of light swimming on the aching body:

Light, free-style and low-impact swimming is the right approach for those who have an aching body; the following are some beneficial impacts they can reap from light swimming:
  1. Strong cardiovascular muscles:
  2. Swimming is best for cardiovascular muscles as it improves the working of the heart, lungs as well as circulatory system. Even if you have been working the whole day and every part of your body is hurting, some light swimming will inevitably relax you.

  3. Recover from injuries:
  4. Suffering from an injury or injuries can also lead to pain in the body. During light swimming, the water gently supports the muscles, and hence is helpful in recovering from injuries and other diseases like arthritis. Light swimming reduces the strain from your body as the water supports your body against gravity. Light swimming is recommended as a daily exercise for senior citizens to reduce aches and pains.

  5. Prevent back pain:
  6. Swimming is not a magic bullet, but if you are looking to overcome your body pain then it is a perfect choice. It also lets you experience little resistance with very slight pressure on your spine. This light resistance will increase the stability of the spine and help to manage back pain. Light swimming is an amazing workout that will direct a greater amount of oxygen towards sore back muscles leading to a speedier recovery. Furthermore, people with multiple sclerosis can feel relief by adding swimming activities to their daily lives.

  7. Muscle strains:
  8. The most common source of muscle soreness is a muscle strain; in such instances, resting is not recommended as it leads to further deterioration of muscle tissues. Alternately, swimming is best after a muscle strain. It is an aerobic exercise that helps to increase blood flow to the injured muscles and in this way it promotes healing.

  9. Uniform distribution of pressure:
  10. People are told to avoid strenuous exercises when they are already feeling an ache in any body part allowing their body to relax and heal. The reason that makes light swimming ideal for an aching body is that the pressure felt on the body when working against water is uniform. Your aching back, shoulders, hips, knees or any other body part is not facing any undue strain working against gravity.

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Pro tip: Avoid exhausting yourself by swimming aggressively when your body is already aching; stick with light swimming to help your body.

If your body and muscles are aching but you still want to exercise, then you must consider light swimming as your best bet. No matter your muscles are sore or you are suffering from an injury, light swimming will help you. If you get advice from a certified swimming instructor, they can help you choose the best swimming exercise that fits your needs.

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