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Back Float Swimming Step x Step For Adults

The Challenge of Back Float Swimming For Adults

Without a doubt, the single biggest obstacle for you as a new swimmer is learning how to float on your back. In fact, some try and avoid this stage of swimming altogether and go straight to learning a stroke. But back float swimming for adults is a critical element to learning to swim and most if not all that try to avoid it, fail.

If you have tried and failed to learn this by yourself using the free stuff on the internet that is no surprise either.

Most if not all of the information provided on the web, including the videos, only shows you the very first stages of how to learn the back float or they demonstrate using people who can clearly swim. Seeing someone who can clearly swim effortlessly lay on their back as if it were a walk in the park, is of no help to someone who is, not just struggling with the technique but is also trying to overcome their fear and stress levels. Not to mention the actions of a swimmer are nothing like those you are experiencing.

The very best videos show that the only way to learn to back float swimming for adults, is to do it a little at a time; Step x Step.

Image of a young woman restfully doing back float swimming
Learn Back Float Swimming Step by Step

20 Years Of Experience To Guide You

As a swimming teacher of over 20 years I have taken all my students from a point of fear to to confident swimming and the only way I have done that is by working with my students step by step.

I have written a lot about it in this blog and through that, I have corresponded with so many people struggling, who have asked me repeatedly to write a course. So eventually I set about doing just that

It has been a lot of work but I have finally come up with something that I am happy with. This course is truly a step by step as I can make it and covers not only all the steps necessary to succeed but also cover the emotions that you are going through as you practice and how to deal with them.

If you need a full listing of the topics covered, you can get that here. But if you just want to get on with it just click below.

Why Am I charging for this course?

After all, you could get a lot of the information contained in this course, though not all, from my blog. Yes, you could do that but the information that is there is not, step by step and that is what people like yourself have been asking for.

More importantly, however, I believe that for something to be valuable to you it must cost something. It has been shown over and over again that people commit to something better when they have paid for it.

That then raises the question: Why have I chosen this price?

I wanted the course to be valuable but I also wanted the courses to be as accessible to everyone as I can.

I have asked up to $80 for a lesson and for that price you could expect to be back floating in an hour for ready to start swimming at the next lesson; in most cases, depending on how scared of the water you were.

But the course is a teach yourself course, where you and a friend learn for yourself how to float. So it would be unfair to charge my usual fee.

On the other hand, you are getting my expertise of many years of swim teaching and you would have the ability to correspond directly with me if you have any questions.

Still I did want to make this course as accessible as possible without devaluing it's worth.

Launch Price

So taking all the above into consideration I have decided to launch "Back Float Swimming For Adults - A Step x Step Guide" for the above price.

You need to note that this price could change at any minute and it is a very low price. So be wise and take advantage of this special price. Just hit the button below and you will be taken to the payment page.

And if you have any problems just contact me at:


This product is supported by my personal 30 days, 100% no questions asked money-back grantee. So there is no risk to you.

I am so confident that you will love these very special plans that I am offering my ironclad:
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100% Money Back Guarantee

So what are you waiting for, just click the button above to get your Back Float Swimming For Adults - A Step x Step Guide.


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