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How To Swim Freestyle For Beginners: 4 Myths

4 Myths About How To Swim Freestyle For Beginners

Here are four (4) myths that I have come across as I have researched how to swim freestyle for beginners on the internet.

Image of a swimmer doing freestyle in one of the pool lanes of a pool: this article is about myths about how to swim freestyle
How To Swim Freestyle Step x Step

Please don't misunderstand me, there is some good stuff on the net or I would not be out there looking around. But these myths I have come across are just wrong and need to be exposed so that at least some of you will know no better and will not be totally discouraged due to misinformation.

  1. Freestyle is the easiest stroke to learn
  2. I don't know where people get this information from. I can't imagine any clear thinking swim teacher that would even pretend that this is the case. I will happily contend with anybody no matter who they are, that says freestyle is the easiest stroke to learn.

    Freestyle is the most efficient stoke, there is little doubt about that but it is not the easiest.

  3. You can learn freestyle in 10 minutes
  4. Seriously?

    Anybody who has tried to learn freestyle comes to realize this is not true very quickly. The worst part of this myth is the damage that is does. I have taught students that came to me completely discouraged because they believed this nonsense and thought that there was something wrong with them because they couldn't learn how to in 10 minutes.

    Don't believe it! Anybody making this claim is just big noting themselves. Can you learn the moves in 10 minutes? Yes, but applying them is a different story.

    Are there people out there that have been able to do it in 10 minutes? Maybe, but they are the exception not the rule and they almost certainly had other training beforehand.

  5. You can only learn freestyle if you are under 20 years old
  6. Only an under 20 year old who is threatened by the prospect of and older person showing them up would promote this. As long as you have very little restricted movement in you body you can learn freestyle. I know this is true because I have taught plenty over that age and older.

  7. You can't learn to swim freestyle unless you have a swim teacher
  8. Well this one may be a little bit true. You should at least get some help.

    But with the right advice from knowledgeable people, you definable can learn freestyle without a swim-teacher being with you all the time. Otherwise what was the point of me witting this course.

Here is the course:

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