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Above Ground Pool Leak: Find Them, Fix Them, Make Them Safe

When I Used To Teach Swimming At An Above Ground Pool

I used to teach swimming at an above ground pool. At first, it was interesting as it was a 25-meter pool built inside a factory. I started to think that it may be something that I might want to do in my own back yard. But my interest quickly faded when I realized how hard it is to find an above ground pool leak because I used to watch the owner of the pool spend a great deal of time doing it.

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I was reminded of this when I came across this article called: "The Ultimate Guide To Finding & Fixing A Swimming Pool Leak

The article provides a much simpler way of finding these things than the pool owner that I worked for used. Even so, I don't think I am going to be investing in an above ground pool in the near future. However, if you already own one you probably want to have a read as you may be making it too hard for yourself.

Above Ground Pools Are Great If You Look After Them

Don't get me wrong, I think that if you want a pool for your family and you can't put it in the ground, there are some fantastic pool designs out there that you should consider. But when you are making your choice there is a sense in which you should keep in mind that there is a lot more to looking after and above ground pool than an in-ground one.

Why am I raising this in a swimming blog? Because at the same time as being reminded that a leak in a pool means a lot of work, I was also reminded that a leak is more than just wasting water (something we should all be mindful of these days). A leak in a pool can cause all sorts of unpredictable damage.

For example, the owner I worked for lost a whole stereo system when his pool leaked into his coms area. There was also damage to the building infrastructure.

A picture of an above ground pool in a back yard. This article is about, above ground pool leak and fixing it
Above Ground Pools Are Great If You Look After Them

An Above Ground Pool Leak Means An Unsafe Pool

More importantly, an above ground pool leak means that the pool is an unsafe pool. I remember all the slipping and sliding that used to go on when there was a leak. This, of course, happens to all wet deck areas but it is so much worse when there is a leak in the pool and any bit of dirt becomes mud; which has consequences for the pool water. Imagine if it was outside.

It's one thing for people to have to be aware enough to walk and not run around a pool deck because of the slip risk. It is a whole different issue when there are people in danger because of mud and property damage due to water seepage.

All pools are a lot of fun especially if you look after them and keep them safe and part of keeping them safe is making sure they don't leak. For safety sake, fix the leak in your above ground pool and do it quickly. Your users will not only thank you but so will your property.


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